New Website, Who Dis – AGAIN?!

by nickydawkins
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Hello mamas and friends! I have been debating on creating this new website since the pandemic began, but I finally decided it was time to go for it! Better late than never right?

Also, today is my birthday, so it seemed like a good way to kick off another trip around the sun.

Truth is, I tend to get in my own way a lot. Like a true Cancer, I have a great fear of being vulnerable and don’t always want to share my personal experiences. To be honest, I am full of self-doubt! I’m very good at telling other people’s stories, promoting their products, and making them shine. But when it comes to promoting myself and giving myself credit for my accomplishments, I get scared, discouraged and I hide.

I am also very emotional. With all the crazy stuff going on in the world right now, I needed to take a social break. Even though we are all social distancing right now, social media is still overwhelming to me. Especially now. COVID-19 updates, Black Lives Matter protests, and the general anti-racist (and racist) vibes that are currently consuming my feed.  As a woman of color, I am excited about the potential notion for change in this country, but I also find it extremely exhausting.  But let’s save that for another blog.

As I’ve grown as a women, business owner, and mother, I have started to believe in my own magic.  I’ve started to realize just how gifted I am, and that what I bring to the table can’t be duplicated.  We are all unique. And I want to start owning my shit.

I remade this website because I needed a place to put my thoughts. I also wanted a place where I could talk about things not always related to feminine health. And finally, I wanted a place where people could get to know me personally.

I hope to use this space to write freely and express my thoughts without the boundaries of pleasing people or brands they represent. Share more of my travels, favorite books, and fun experiences I have with my son. Yes, I will still post my honest products reviews and DIY remedies and offer my Doula services on this platform. I still enjoy writing about all of that! But I am hoping that this will become a healthy mix of all the things I love to do. All under one domain.

Truth is, I have been stressed out managing my other two projects – Werk it Moms and PeriodMiami because individually they each do so many things. It got to be too much for me to maintain, and now in the pandemic, I am doing them all alone. But I am grateful to see that each platform is still growing and that each platform serves its own purpose. I spent this past month narrowing each brand down to make them more manageable and targeted. Finally, I feel like I can balance it all again!

Werk it Moms will now function primarily as a podcast and educational community for mompreneurs. Werk it Moms will continue to work with both brands and mamapreneurs to curate niche events and amazing content. You can expect weekly podcasts to resume on July 8th.

PeriodMiami has a new website and staff in the works! We will continue to supply menstruators in need with feminine hygiene products and menstrual education – online only of course.

And here on, I will focus on what makes me, me. As always, I am here for the MAMAS. This is my form of self care 🙂

I hope you enjoy this new platform. Thank you for being a part of my journey and I’m excited to start being more open with you all!