UltuCup Menstrual Cup Review

by nickydawkins
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I have been using the UltuCup for about 5 cycles now, along with organic cotton pads and reusable liners. I feel that I have used this cup long enough to give you my honest opinion. Keep in mind, not all menstrual cups work for everyone! We all have different bodies and vaginas with their own special needs. Be patient and remember you may have to experiment a bit for you find the right cup or cups for your flow. On this blog I only post products I use personally and that I think would benefit other women. If you have allergies, health issues or any reason to be concerned about using a menstrual cup, talk to your gynecologist before using!

So before I give you my review, let me tell you a little bit more about the UltuCup itself. UltuCup is a UltuCup is a reusable silicone cup that collects your menstrual flow. Worn internally, UltuCup sits comfortably low in your vaginal canal and can be worn for up to 12 consecutive hours. Boom.

Instead of the usual two sizes offered by most menstrual cup brands, UltuCup actually offers THREE sizes, taking into consideration those of us with a lower cervix (you will need to measure your cervix to find out), which is very thoughtful!

Typically, there are typically two main sizes for menstrual cups, one for women under the age of 30 who have never delivered a baby (vaginally or by cesarean) and one for women over the age of 30 and/or who have delivered a baby. No matter what, if you are over the age of 30, your vagina is a size 2. Sorry.

UltuCup offer their Model 1, Model 2, and UltuCup Mini for women with a lower cervix.

You can find the size of the menstrual cup right on the outside packaging. Did I mention the UltuCup packing is beautiful? I know you’re probably thinking, ok what does that say about the actual cup? But when it comes to menstrual cups, the packaging is actually important. And I will tell you why.

Menstrual cups vary not only in size but in softness. Softness = flexibilty = comfort. Remember, this thing will be inside of your vagina for most of the day, and it needs to be able to move with you. For me, this is a make or break moment when it comes to selecting a cup!

Something that stood out to me about the UltuCup right away was that you can actually feel the cup before you even open the package to make sure it is soft enough for you. HUGE DEAL. Only because I have purchased cups at the drugstore only to get home and find out they were not as soft and flexible as I would like. And guess what? You can’t return a menstrual cup – and they aren’t cheap either. So being able to essentially test the cup through the package is a big bonus. UltuCup for the win.

Once you get the cup outside of the packaging, you can really feel how soft it is. UltuCup also includes a cute little linen pouch for you to store your cup in between uses. Before insertion, I washed my UltuCup with my favorite feminine wash and let it air dry.

Getting the cup in for the first time was actually quite easy. UltuCup is very easy to fold. I didn’t have to manipulate or turn it as much to get it to open up like some of my other cups. I also loved that the “tail” was a little longer which made it easier to adjust and remove. If it is too long, you can always cut it shorter – before you put it in of course. Once I got my UltuCup inside and in place, I didn’t feel it at all and pretty much went about my day.

I changed my cup the first time after about 10 hours and it was about halfway full. Removing it was super easy because of the longer “tail” I mentioned. I also noticed I didn’t feel as much suction when removing it, which is something I had experienced with another popular cup. Suction upon removal of a menstrual cup can be very uncomfortable and makes it hard to remove. The UltuCup didn’t create this problem for me and came out with no problem. After a successful first menstrual cycle with UltuCup, I continued to use it regularly.

My cycle is very regular and my heavy period days are always the 2nd and 3rd day. The UltuCup collects everything just fine and I have not experienced any leaks with this cup. Not even at the gym or when swimming in the pool! Even though I have been accident-free with this cup, I always wear a panty liner just in case – you never know right?

Another thing I want to mention about UltuCup is the material used. There are hundreds of cups available out there, some of which and very cheap or poorly designed. You have be be very careful about what you out into your lady parts! UltuCup is 100% medical grade silicone and free of toxins like BPA or dyes. It is good to know that UltuCup is an ISO-Certified, FDA-Registered cruelty-free brand. They last for years and are very affordable at only $39 online. Remember these menstrual cups are reusable, in the long run you save big!

The only concern I have with this cup is not remembering that is it there. It is very comfortable, so it can be easy to forget! Make sure you remove and clean your UltuCup every 12 hours to avoid any issues. Set an alarm on your phone if you have to!

That being said here are my highlights about the UltuCup:

  • It’s a very soft, flexible and reusable menstrual cup
  • Free from dyes, dioxins, BPA, phthalates, pesticides and latex.
  • It’s high grade
  • It’s easy to remove
  • It comes in 3 different sizes (1, 2 and low cervix)
  • Overall, I recommend the UltuCup whether you are a first time user or experience menstruator. They have a size for everyone.

Learn more about UltuCup on their website www.ultucup.com and make sure to follow @UltuCup on Instagram for product announcements and giveaways!

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