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by tynicky

Prenatal Support 


Plenty of support for even a first-time mom. Phone, Email, and Text Support from the minute your contract is signed.

2 Prenatal Visits including an optional visit with your provider.

Includes a one-on-one birth planning session where we discuss your birth plan, special wishes, and how to achieve your best birth ever.

A list of recommended local resources to better assist you in building an amazing birth and postpartum healing team (i.e. birth classes, birth photographers, chiropractors, and any other info requested. Let me do the busy work for you! Sit back and relax. I have your resources.)

A couples session to explain some techniques and tricks to your birth partner to relieve your labor discomfort (can be virtual or in person)

Phone and virtual support from the date hired until the “fourth trimester”, aka 3 months postpartum

Access to the lending library

All of my specialized client handouts with evidence-based information.

Prenatal Fitness

Coming Fall 2019

Birth Strategy Session


Need help getting your birth plan together? Have concerns or wonderings that you feel are holding you back from your best birth? A 60-90 Minute virtual or in-person session for you to get past your fears and plan the birth of your dreams. I will provide a sample birth plan to work from in advance so that we can work through it together and you can ask me questions regarding all things birth so that you know what your options are and feel completely confident in your decisions!

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