Miami Glow Doula Training is Coming to Miami!!!

Hello my loves!!!

You are not going to believe it, but Mama Glow Doula Immersion is coming to Miami! YASSSS

Mama Glow is where I trained to be a Doula under the guidance of my mentor, Latham Thomas. If you don't know about Latham -  you better go follow her right now!

I am excited to share this with you because SOOO many of you have asked me about becoming a Doula who I have trained with etc. At the time of my training, Mama Glow was only available in New York, so I flew myself there to complete my training because I was already such a fan of the work she was doing in maternal health. But going to NYC for 3 days is expensive just isn't doable for many of us, especially if you have kids! 

Now that Latham is bringing Mama Glow to Miami so there are no excuses mamas! 

But in all seriousness, Mama Glow really does have a very informative training program and includes special guest teachers specialized areas of maternal care. It is also very heavy on advocacy and maternal rights which is another reason I selected this specific training. 

Becoming a part of Mama Glow was a very awakening experience. It opened my mind and my own self-awareness on many levels. I found a space to be vulnerable in front of complete strangers - now my Doula sisters. I will say it is intense and one hell of a bonding experience. This is NOT your typical Doula training and I love that. 

Plus, Latham is a beast: 

Recent Media on Mama Glow: 


That is why I am SUPER excited about joining the Mama Glow family as their new Miami Team Lead! That means I will be here to assist you after your training and make sure you are able to fulfill your requirements in a timely manner. That everything from finding mentors, connecting with Miami birth worker community and finding PAID WORK! Cause you know I'm all about getting paid mamas ;-)

Speaking of money, you can save $50 on the program if you use my code:




Click here to learn more about Mama Glow and I've dropped a little more info about program below:

Our work at Mama Glow is to improve the experience of birth for women everywhere.
We are changing the face of maternal health by empowering women at the threshold of change in their lives. We see birth as a unique opportunity to support and empower women as well as educate society about the innate strength of the female body and the sacred process of pregnancy and birth. We offer full-spectrum support for fertility, birth clients and new mothers, holding their hands as they transition into this new phase of their lives. We seek to dismantle the stigmas and fears around the birth process for women. We also work to democratize birth support and have birth doulas available for every woman who desires one. 

To that end we are thrilled to be hosting our 1st LEVEL 1 DOULA IMMERSION TRAINING PROGRAM in MIAMI, Florida! Boasting doula trainees from around the United States and from 6 continents, our immersive doula training is back by popular demand. This is immersion will take place at our beautiful partner space in Miami, Sacred Space this November 15-17th.

The 3-Day transformative intensive will begin at 10am-6pm daily and is packed with material. We will lay the foundation of training for the next generation of birth workers who we hope will grow with Mama Glow. In this intense political climate where the future of women's health is uncertain, skilled birth workers are needed on the front lines. And with the growing black maternal health crisis in the USA, this is a critical moment to advance education and create more access to birth doulas. Birth activism is central to the pulse of our mission and training.

Our training is grounded in: 

  • Activism + Advocacy
  • Ancestral Tradition + Ancient wisdom
  • Birth + Breastfeeding
  • Evidence-Based Research + the Ethereal
  • Mindfulness + Movement
  • Rhythm + Ritual
  • Sacred Anatomy + Sex
  • Self-Care + Spirituality 

This program will include:

  • 3 day Immersive Training
  • Doula meet-ups (virtual)
  • Mentorship support

This program is open to all irregardless of experience. Our doula trainees come from all walks of life. Everyone has something unique to contribute to this work.

Past Mama Glow Doula Trainees have included: 

  • Novice birth workers
  • Experienced doulas looking for robust holistic training
  • Bodyworkers
  • Energy workers + Healers
  • Nurses
  • Activists
  • Policy Makers
  • MPH Candidates
  • Moms-to-be
  • New moms

LEVEL 1 is the first step towards full MAMA GLOW DOULA certification. Beyond the Immersion weekend, doulas-in-training will need to complete mandatory coursework, reading, essays, attend mandatory LEVEL 1 Modules (virtually) that support continuing education for doulas on the path to certification. After completion of LEVEL 2 you will be MAMA GLOW certified. LEVEL 3 is our apprenticeship level for experienced doulas. LEVEL 1 will prepare newly minted doulas to begin working in all settings including in traditionally underserved communities. Many of our doulas have successfully transitioned into full time doula work.

Curriculum including continuing education modules will be reviewed at the training weekend. A digital entrance interview will be requested a week prior to your training start date.

If you are traveling to attend the immersion please contact us for hotel, AirBnB and accommodation suggestions. 


$695.00 Weekend immersion + processing fees 

Includes training materials, t-shirt + curated DOULA gift bag

Payment Plans are available!

Enjoy your lunch outside in the fresh air at many of the local restaurants including vegan and gluten-free restaurant, THE PLANT.

MAMA GLOW DOULA IMMERSION is the fastest growing professional Doula Immersion Program in the USA. Join us!

Space is limited. We look forward to welcoming you into the circle!



Use code NICKY50 at check out to save $50 on your enrollment


Recent Media on Mama Glow: 

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