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Extraordinary Mommy

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I just adore this beautiful book written by licensed therapist and mental health coach, Jasmin Terrany. After reading this for myself, I knew I had to carry this book in my shop for all my mamas. It is a loving guide to mindful, meaningful parenting that I think we should all read! 

Get more details about the book below:

Imagine having a wise, loving guide ready with advice and encouragement whenever mothering gets overwhelming…

Being a mommy may be the most important job there is, but when buried in chaos, crying and dirty diapers, it’s easy to forget what matters most. And yet, one simple question can solve most any “mommy challenge”:

“What would love do now?”

Meet Betsy, the mom everyone wanted to call their own. A true parenting guru, she overflowed with unconditional love, silly fun, and infinite understanding. Then, one sunny afternoon, with no warning, tragically, she was gone.

Meet Jasmin, the product of Betsy’s, yes, extraordinary mothering. On the first anniversary of her mother's passing, Jasmin gave birth to her own daughter - and then this book—to honor and share “Betsy’s Blueprint” of exceptional parenting practices.

Through Extraordinary Mommy’s reader-friendly, encapsulated format, you’ll learn:

  • How to raise kind, confident, capable children
  • How to shift from the doing to the being of parenthood
  • Core principles to practice when in the presence of your child
  • The “dos and don’ts” that create less stress and more joy
  • Techniques to stay patient and calm, when you just want to scream!

Whether you’re expecting, or a new or seasoned parent, this book’s entertaining stories and heartfelt insights will give you innovative tools and strategies to make parenthood more relaxed, joyful, and loving—with results to match!